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since 2012

“ALL GREAT THINGS BEGIN WITH – CAOS” a new company has married hometown pride with an ultra premium Tequila that has garnered immediate support.  Brent Theyson, Trent Wilson, Tim Johnson, and Carlos Hernandez have launched their premium 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila to mainstay hometown crowds in an ingenious move from a “private small batch brand”.

Made from the blue weber agave with the help of mineral rich red soil in the highlands of Jalisco and Arandas, Mexico.  We harvest by hand the agave plants which takes 6-8 years to reach full maturity.  The Pinas must be harvested by HAND. Caos Tequila is created by using both old world and new world equipment, then cooked, crushed and fermented into liquid that is 80 proof, placing the liquid to rest in White American Oak Bourbon barrels to age. 

Answering the call of restaurants and retailers who have continually shown support for a top premium tequila at a great value that is made by locals for locals, CAOS Tequila has already cornered its niche market. “ Our focus was to produce a private premium tequila for close friends and family to enjoy, quickly tequila lovers started showing interest in our brand so it only made sense to share it with others, so here we are excitedly launching our premium product. ” 

Carlos Hernandez, one of the owners of Caos, whose family has been in the Arandas Mountain area for over 100 years states, Grandpa used to be asked what is the best tequila, and his answer would be “the one you like”. 

“We want to educate people on how to drink tequila, the after taste is actually the focus, the sophistication of sipping not shooting”. There are so many dynamic tequila recipes taking over the vodka and cognac categories. Tequila is versatile enough to stand up to both categories.

The best tequila is the one YOU like.
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